1D (Menacing Ruin): Niall, Louis, and Harry.

1D or One Direction (officially known as Menacing Ruin) is an enemy fought by Alice and PewDiePie during his playthrough for Alice: Madness Returns. It is unknown if they are Barrels or just black ooze enemies, but are suspected to be the former.


1D first appeared in PewDiePie's fifth walkthrough for Alice: Madness Returns, spawning on the clockface after PewDie and Alice met the Mad Hatter, and then gained the Umbrella, allowing PewDie/Alice to deflect some attacks. (Though they still prefers the Butterfly Teleportation move) As they fought, PewDie said that they would finish JB (Insidious Ruin), but then switched it to One Direction. After destroying a head dubbed Niall, and a second one he said was Louis, they then focus on the last head, which was dubbed Harry, also called by PewDie as "that curly-haired bitch."


  • Some fans were offended that PewDiePie made fun of One Direction in his playthrough. PewDiePie reacts by saying people do not mind if he makes fun of Justin Bieber, who is majorly disliked by the internet, but when he makes fun of One Direction, everyone gets offended. He still continued to make the jokes.
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