The Ao Oni
Biographical info
Aliases Purple Rape Monster (by PewDiePie)
Species Monster, Demon
Residence The Haunted Mansion of the Ao Oni
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Ao Oni
Role Antagonist
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This is the article for the character. For the article on the video game see, Ao Oni (video game).

The Ao Oni are Lavender-Skinned, big headed, humanoid creatures that appear in the game with the same name. Whenever PewDie sees these monsters, he cries out "You can't do shit brah!" before running away.

In the game they chase after PewDiePie and kill his friends one by one except for Takeshi since he hung himself. Whenever PewDie runs into an Ao Oni (Or Vice Versa), the game instantly switches to a Game-Over screen. (Game Over)

In fact, when an Ao Oni kills PewDie (Hiroshi), he is known to turn into another Ao Oni (As shown in the Ao Oni wiki itself). However, most, if not almost all bros speculate that it rapes PewDie off screen. Their thoughts sunk into PewDie's brain very quickly if not immediately. (A few days, several minutes or even few moments)



IT'S R*PING TIME (Official Music Video) Ao Oni

The now famous "IT'S R*PING TIME!" music video. WARNING: EXTREMELY WEIRD

In Part 3 of PewDie's Ao Oni LP. He gets chased by the Oni and tries to hide in a closet. This fails however, and the Oni opens the closet doors and corners him in the closet. Due to this EXTREMELY suggestive scene (and the fan speculations), PewDie created a music video consisting of the Oni and it's allies singing. The song was also featured in PewDie's Ao Oni montage, with the shorter version of the song playing (After the Oni's famous line "IT'S R*PING TIME!.")

In another of PewDie's scary moment montages, a (fake) Bro chases after him and when he turns around, the Bro says; "IT'S RAEPING TIME!"

The Powers/Ablities of The Ao Oni

Demonic strength

Once Ao Oni's victim becomes an Ao Oni, the muscular mass and adrenaline glands increase tenfold giving the victim unparalleled strength.

Inhuman speed

Because of the increase in adrenaline within the victim's body after reanimation, Ao Oni is able to move at a higher speed then a normal human.

Uncanny stamina

Because of the Ao Oni's superhuman like qualities it is able to move for days, months, some times years at a time before needing to feed on human flesh to survive.

Guest Appearances

The Ao Oni made a guest appearance in an Amnesia Custom Story: Cry Oni involved Cry's figure as a monster similar to the Ao Oni.


  • The song in the IT'S R*PING TIME! video is actually made by Sin with Sebistan.
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