Archbishop Bluesheep (nicknamed by fans) A.K.A Blue Sheep is most notably known as a member of The Council of Water Sheep in PewDiePie's series, MINECRAFT EPIC. He was known as the king of the Council of Water Sheep as he was unique to the other two yellow sheep. 

Position and Life

Blue Sheep was born in one of the earlier episodes as an unknown sheep probably bred. In Episode 14, PewDiePie coloured all sheeps blue and yellow as a homage to Sweden, his home country. A few episodes after the death of Water Sheep, PewDiePie built a church after adapting to Vattenfarism (Water Sheep-ism in Swedish, named by fans), he created water fountains on the sides of the building. The next episode, PewDiePie put Blue Sheep and two more yellow sheep up on one of the fountains off-screen. The sheep were held in by the backwards tide. For the next episodes in Season 1, when PewDiePie would make dramatic scenes for the next episodes,he would go to the sheeps asking for help.


After the Battle of Feigi, Felix went to the church and shot a fire arrow at Archbishop Bluesheep, his flaming remains (mutton and wool) fell into the water streams in the temple and were never recovered. The rest of the council was killed moments later and replacd with The Council of Beetroot.


After the battle with Evil Water Sheep, Bluesheep reappeared at his place in Water Sheep Church as Archbishop Watersheep II.


  • His wool became red in episode 29 for an unknown reason.
  • His wool became yellow in episode 38 after his ressurection.
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