Barrels are the main antagonists of the game "PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist".


The Barrels shown in-game have an almost normal appearance of a barrel: brown, with metal rims holding them together; However, what makes them unique in that they have large, white eyes (comically unattached to their actual bodies) and sharp teeth on the roof of their "mouths", shown when they land after jumping.


In-Game, their instinct (shared across every type of barrel) is to attack the player by leaping towards them. This makes them unique (and particularly annoying) from every other beginning of game enemy, and their movements towards the player forces them to time their jumps; linking onto such, barrels (along with the majority of non-boss enemies in the game can be defeated by jumping on their "heads" once, giving the player a boost; This method, if used correctly, can allow the player to reach difficult to access areas and help them defeat other enemies.


After Pewdiepie notices the lack of views on his previous video (How to make bread with your buttcheeks pt.1), a barrel bursts in through the wall, stating that all of Pewdiepie's fans have been kidnapped before attempting to kidnap him. Pewdiepie easily defeats the barrel, but more barrels invade his house, forcing him to flee.

Later on, two barrels captured Jacksepticeye and hoped to use him to lure Pewdiepie into a trap, kidnap him and turn him in to King Barrel, and get a promotion. The lure is succesful; However, when the barrels attempt to seize Pewdiepie, they are defeated and Jacksepticeye is freed.

During the End Credits, Barrels (along with their variants) are seen transporting the remains of King Barrel to an unknown location.

Barrels appear in nearly all levels (excluding Paradise Island).


  • The Barrels in-game are based off of Pewdiepie's real life hatred of barrels.

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