Battle of Broland
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The Battle of the Wither and the PeePeePooPoo Army at the Hold of Broland

"The Battle of the Wither and the PeePee PooPoo Army at the Hold of Broland" by u/Dane_Celestia on Reddit

Date August 7, 2019
Location Flag of Broland Broland
Action Felix and his associates planned to seize Broland and later to use Broland as a base for a march against Wither
Result PewDiePie Victory
  • Wither slain in front of statue of Water Sheep.

Flag of Broland sub2pewdiepie12

Wither head icon Wither

Commanders and Leaders

Unnamed Felix Kjellberg

Flag of Broland ThreePee PooPoo


Units involved

Loyalist PeePee PooPoo Army

Traitorous PeePee PooPoo Army

Casualties and losses

The Battle of Broland also known as The Great Pewds-Wither War, The Battle of The Wither or the Hold at Broland was a battle that took place in the 25th Episode of MINECRAFT EPIC.

The Pig Uprising

In preparation for the Wither Pewdiepie built up his forces by transforming half of the PeePee PooPoo Army into Zombie Pigmen with his Trident. However he accidentally assaulted one of his troops while attempting to put out a fire, which caused the Pig Uprising. The half of Pewdipie's army that he had turned into Zombie pigmen betrayed him, and split the PeePee PooPoo Army into 2 factions, the loyalist pigs and the Traitorous PeePee PooPoo Army Zombie Pigmen. They overtook his land and invaded Pewdiepie's house which forced him to flee. When he returned he had learned that the traitorous pigman had despawned, and he continued on his journey to create the ultimate pigman army.


After successfully converting the rest of his army Pewdiepie was finally ready to face the Wither. He spawned in his foe and the epic duel began. In the second phase of the battle Pewdiepie realized the Wither was somehow healing. Due to his distrust of the pigman he incorrectly assumed it was them, however in reality they had nothing to do with the healing. This led to Pewdiepie bringing the battle away from the Pigman. The duel continued for several more minutes before Pewdiepie finally killed the Wither right before a partially built statue of Water Sheep's face. Pewdiepie received his trophy for killing the Wither, the Nether Star. He then moved the pieces of Joergen,Joergen II, and Water Sheep 's graves into the Ikea Tower. Afterwards he used the Nether Star to create a beacon and placed it on top of the graves of the legendary trio. This light shined bright through the top of Ikea Tower as Pewdiepie exclaimed that "You see this Sven... they died to give us strength. OH MY GOD IKEA TOWERRR. TO THE SKIES AND BEYOND. Let's not forget to pay our respects as well. They died to give us this." It is later discovered that the Zombie Pigmen loyalists despawned, while the few remaining loyalist pigs survived, though their fate is now unknown.


In the next episode, Episode 26, Pewdiepie acknowledges his mistake of accusing the loyalists, and apologizes for doing so. It is shown that the loyalists have too despawned and that he has repaired the damage caused by the battle. He then placed torches across the entire battlefield in commemoration of the loyalists and their brave sacrifices while helping him destroy the Wither. In his latest stream Pewds later removed all of the torches to make room for his new house.

Battlefield Restored

Battlefield restored post battle by Pewdiepie

Foreboding Prophecy

On August 3rd, Reddit User Guereak posted a photo claiming that "During the Wither battle Felix is going to accidently hit a zombie pigman and they will all try to kill him." This post was featured on Pewdiepie's LWIAY on August 4th. He replied with "This cant happen, they are loyal to me. I birthed them. I birthed them, THEY LOYAL". However on August 7th, the 25th Episode was released, and some of his Zombie Pigman did indeed betray him after he accidently hit one.


Prophecy posted onto Reddit


Traitors of PeePee PooPoo army
PeePee PooPoo Army Loyalists
Loyalists fight Wither alongside Pewds
Final moments of WIther
Pewds rejoices near Water Sheep mural after killing the Wither
Damage seen in Battle Aftermath
Chronological Events
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