Beet assassin.PNG
|250px|Beet Assassin before committing his acts of terror.]]
Beet Assassin before committing his acts of terror.
Biographical info
Status Deceased
Full name Beetroot Assassin
Species Beetroot
Gender Beetroot
Born Unknown
Died November 5, 2019
Political info
Affiliation Council of Beet
Nationality Flag of Broland.png Broland
Miscellaneous info
Role antagonist

The Beet Assassin was a main antagonist during MINECRAFT EPIC and a member or follower of Rödbetaism. He was first introduced in episode 35 when he blew up the Ikea Tower during the events of the Ikea Tower Explosion, originally killing Sven (dog), Dark Joergen, Bengt, and Svenson. In episode 36 PewDiePie proceeded to slay him before avenging his dead friends and working towards rescuing them. After talking with Feigii he learned he could go to a previous save file. This led PewDiePie to conduct Operation Time Travel Rescue where he went back to before the explosion and killed The Beet Assassin before he could light the TNT, therefore erasing the events of the Ikea Tower Explosion and saving his friends.


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