Bengt Magnusson, also simply referred to as Bengt and nicknamed Bengty-Boo, is the name given to the random wanderer that assists PewDiePie's in his Let's Play of Journey. He first appeared in Part 1.


In episode 1 of Journey, Bengt was first introduced. After PewDiePie activated the scroll, Bengt appeared, and has tagged along with PewDiePie ever since.

In episode 2, Bengt and PewDiePie were "homeless" in a pinker desert area, in it showed Bengt as more of a sidekick to PewDiePie, being at times slower than him, like when PewDiePie freed the "octopus." PewDiePie admits also that Bengt is always late and when he isn't by PewDiePie's side, Pewdie starts to worry. This also shows PewDiePie cares.

In episode 4, this shows PewDiePie does care for him, also this shows he is braver than him, during the dragon encounter. Bengt and Pewds would have lived in one of the igloo like shacks on top of the mountain, but this episode, Bengt meets his fate when at the shooting star.

In episode 5, they are seemingly revived by their ancestors. After the credits, it is revealed that the users who took part as Bengt were nicknamed HauntedShadow and Judder-fella.


  • Bengt Magnusson is a real life Swedish journalist and television presenter, which is where PewDiePie most likely got the name from, due to him being Swedish also.
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