For PewDiePie's pet fox in Minecraft, see Bengt.
Lucius and Bengt

Lucius holding Bengt the Ball

Bengt the Ball is the name given by PewDiePie to the red and white ball found in the game Lucius. Bengt first appeared in Part 1 of the series, in which Pewdie first noticed it while laughing maniacally, calling it a "stupid ball," before dropping it. He continued referring to it as Ball, until, due to urging from the Bro Army, he decided to call it Bengt in Part 4.

Throughout the first half of the game PewDie carries Bengt to accompany him on his missions, giving it various voices very similar to that of Mr. Chair and Jennifer, and often declaring "Come on Ball, lets go and kill people!."

In Part 5 of Lucius, PewDie became tongue twisted while talking about his bond with Bengt, and mistakenly mixed the phrase "A boy and a Bengt" with "A ball and a Bengt," which lead to the creation of the song "A Ball and a Bengt," which he continued to sing throughout the episode. Bengt also inspired the short tune "You're a Ball Motherfucker," which PewDie sung while hiding in the bathroom in Part 5.

How Bengt probably looks like in real life.

Bengt accompanied Pewdie until Part 6, when he discovered Mercedes the tricycle. Lucius cannot carry the ball while riding, so PewDie traded Bengt for Mercedes, referring to it as a 'noob'.

Bengt has made several comebacks, like in a ZombiU episode,a Happy Wheels map, and in The Train, where Pewdie had to give the ball away to a ghost child in order for her to move out of his way even though Bengt suggested they should just kill people, though Pewdie says 'it's not that game'.

Bengt has returned as an easter egg in Lucius II; it is also officially named Bengt the Ball by the creators, as a reference to Pewds.

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