Bike being ridden
Biographical info
Full name Bike
Species Bicycle
Gender Unknown
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Happy Wheels series
Bike being a traitor

The moment the Bike became a traitor

Bike is a rideable entity in Happy Wheels. The character is a bike. The Bike is ridden by Irresponsible Dad. Timmy also sits on the bike. The Bike was an ally of PewDie's until the the 46th episode of Pewdie's Happy Wheels gameplay and commentaries when Irresponsible Dad was noming on some watermelons and the bike ran over Irresponsible Dad making him fall into death. Pewdie shouted "Traitor" at the bike. Later in the same episode, Bike crushes Irresponsible Dad's head, causing PewDie to yell, "Bike is a F**king Traitor!"

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