Boat Cow #2
Boat Cow 2
Biographical info
Status Deceased
Full name Boat Cow #2
Species Cow
Gender male
Born July 1st, 2019
Relative(s) Boat Cow #1 - Father
Miscellaneous info
Role Boat Cow
Boat Cow #2 is alongside his father, Boat Cow #1, one of the first two incarnations of the Boat Cows. After a large amount of Cows escaped, #2 and #1 took refuge in a boat. Pewds let them live but slaughtered the other escapees. 

For many episodes, the two Boat Cows lived together, until Boat Cow #1 died.

Later on, Boat Cow #2 disappeared, and only a Skeleton was seen where Boat Cow #2 was. The only possibility was that the Skeleton killed Boat Cow #2.


Following his death, Boat Cow #3 was born and replaced them.

Boat Cow #3 was the most popular Boat Cow, even becoming a DJ given a music box. However, in Part 17, #3 was accidentally killed by Pewds.


  • While Boat Cow #2 did eventually age up, he is most notable for being a baby cow in the series. 
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