Boat Cow #3
Boat Cow 3
Biographical info
Status Deceased (July 20th, 2019)
Full name Boat Cow #3
Aliases DJ
Species Cow
Gender male
Born unknown
Died July 12th
Residence The boat outside Pewds house, Broland
Miscellaneous info
Role DJ
Boat Cow #3 was the third of Boat Cows. He lived in a boat following the deaths of the first two Boat Cows, and was best friends with Sven. 

In Part 16, he was given a music box and became a DJ at Pewds farm. This was short lived, however, as Boat Cow was accidentally killed by Pewds in the following episode.


Music box remained on his place, but Pewds "hired" a new DJ Villager instead of making a Boat Cow.

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