Boat Cows
Boat Cow #1 (right)
Biographical info
Status Deceased
Aliases Water Cow
Species Cow
Relative(s) Boat Cow #2 - Possible Son (Deceased)
Residence Boat outside PewDiePie's house
Political info
Affiliation sub2pewdiepie12
Miscellaneous info
Boat Cow or Water Cow is a cow that has appeared in PewDiePie's 2019 series MINECRAFT EPIC

Original Boat Cows

The original Boat Cows where two cows that escaped from PewDiePie's farm and sat in his boat. Felix thought they looked cute in the boat and decided to keep them.

In between Part 7 and Part 8, however, Boat Cow #1 was killed by unknown means, leaving only his son behind.


The new Boat Cow is the replacement cow for the Originals when the first one got accidentally killed by Felix, and the other one disappeared (most likely offscreen killed by a skeleton). He got brought from the other cows when just a baby to fulfill his duty as a Boat Cow. Now (from part 16) new duty of Water Cow is to play music.

In Part 17, the final Boat Cow was accidentally killed by Pewds axe whilst trying to get Sven out of the boat.


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