Boss Feigi

Boss Feigi, or Feigi , is the main antagonist in episode 33. He is a large chicken that shoots out explosive "Steves" and tries to peck at Pewds.


In episode 33, Felix returns to the 2nd home he built many episodes ago due to the loss of Sven's Boyfriend. There, Felix meets Feigi, a chicken who was constantly threatened by Pewdiepie. At one point Felix jumps off his new tower with Feigi on a leash. Pewds finds a message on the ground made of Netherrrack that says "I love you" as he flies down. At night, Feigi finally touches the ground after jumping off with Felix. Felix feels sorry and gives Feigi a diamond, which turns him into Boss Feigi. Felix avoids the flying Steves and manges to "kill" Feigi (He is actually still alive). 


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