Calm Time is a horror video game created by a collaboration between the creators of Imscared: A Pixellated Nightmare, 7Days, and a independent developer named Bellini Virgil. In the game you play as a character that is hosting a party.


As Pewdiepie speaks to each character, he figures out that guests came to the protagonist's home because they were invited to his/her party. As Pewdie walks into the kitchen, the girl helping with the cooking asks him to pass her the knife on the counter. Pewdie takes the knife and stabs her by accident, killing her on the spot via slitting her throat. The guests start to run, and Pewdie needs to kill them all, so there is no evidence of his murder.


The point of the game is to kill all the guests.The guests are very fast and hard to kill, so you either have to sneak behind them or corner them to be able to stab them. The main character will say that you should go to the basement to turn off the power. In the basement you will find a corpse attached to chains and the power switch. As you turn of the power a white dressed figure will start to haunt you. It can't hurt you, it stands still and it doesn't say anything. If you try to stab her, your screen will blur and she will teleport away. She also teleports to the corpse of the victims you killed.

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