Tmp LRA Carley Box-1424656050
Biographical info
Full name Carley
Gender Female
Political info
Affiliation Good
Nationality Caucasian-American
Occupation WABE Atlanta News Reporter
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Walking Dead
Role Protagonist
Actor/Actress Nicole Vigil
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You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you. But, you're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it. Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once.
— Carley to Lilly

Carley is an original character appearing in The Walking Dead Video Game. Carley is a quick-thinking regional news reporter from Atlanta. Carley was aware from the very beginning the secret Lee was keeping of having killed the man who slept with his wife. She does not think he is a bad guy, and helps to keep his secret.

She had a minor crush on Doug, but after he was killed by walkers in Episode 1: A New Day, Carley started developing feelings for Lee instead. PewDiePie tried his best to save her to get Lee laid, but in the end, it didn't work out, (SPOILER ALERT) since Carley was shot by Lilly in Episode 3: Long Road Ahead. PewDiePie was extremely shocked when this had happened as Carley treated Lee well.

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