Ceilings are PewDiePie's worst enemy as of 2020. The ceiling reflects PewDiePie's own spit, and falls on the floor purposely to kill Floor Gang members. It is one of the most evil things on Earth, and should be terminated. If you have a ceiling in your house, call a demilition worker, as ceilings are weak and bad and floors are strong and good. A roof is different from a ceiling, so you don't need to break the whole roof. Just the ceiling. Attics shouldn't exist.

Ceiling Gang

The Ceiling Gang is a terrible gang. They live on ceilings and if they don't have a gravity toggler, they live on "floors" or Australian ceilings. They like trying to snipe Maya and Edgar from a distance (they can't aim a gun), and they hack into Pewdiepie's world to try to kill Sven and other valuable pets (they don't know how to hit anything in Minecraft). They make armor and weapons out of ceiling material, and whenever they see a human on a floor saying "Floor Gang", they will try to ruthlessly murder them, but Ceiling Gang are WEAK AND BAD. Floor Gang is STRONG AND GOOD.


Cocomelon is the leader of the ceilings.  He summons watermelon minions to attack PewDiePie and to subscribe, like, and the notification bell they stole from Jack. Their nursery rhymes are bad, and toddlers aren't addicted to it. But they used their minions to possess the child into liking Cocomelon. Cocomelon's true form is Cocodemon when 9 and 19 y/os are too stronk and floor gang. Cocodemon can cause huge nuclear explosions and tornadoes the size of a 1400 pound baby Cocomelon slaughtered. Cocomelon is the only current ceiling gang member that can actually do damage, as T-Series is retired from his crap in 2018-19. Cocomelon's possessed toddlers are called 9 month olds.

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