Biographical info
Status Unknown
Full name Cheep Cheep Cheep
Aliases Sheep Sheep Sheep, Water Chicken, Feigi
Species Water Chicken?
Gender Male
Born The Ocean

Cheep-Cheep-Cheep is a chicken found in episode 31 in the middle of the Ocean. He is confirmed to have known Water Sheep, but the extent to which he was affiliated with him is unknown. It is theorized he may have been close to Water Sheep due to Water Sheep calling on the Rains to begin when Pewds was asking him about Water Sheep while speaking with him.

Pewds initially tried to capture Cheep-Cheep-Cheep, which was successful for a period. However, when he got back from excursion mining packed ice, Cheep-Cheep-Cheep was gone. Water Sheep likely recaptured him in Pewds' absence, and was going to plant him in the alias of Feigi.

It is possible that he is Feigi, a chicken also sent by Water Sheep and tried to kill Pewds. This was hinted at in episode 33.


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