Chicken Sheep
Biographical info
Status Deceased (July 13th, 2019)
Full name Chicken Sheep
Aliases Water Chicken
Species Chicken
Gender Female
Died July 13th
Relative(s) Unnamed Chicken
Residence Pen in Pewds' Farm (formerly)
Water Sheep's cage
Political info
Occupation Short Lived Replacement Of Water Sheep
Miscellaneous info
Role Torture
Chicken Sheep was the third incarnation of the Water Sheeps, following the deaths of jeb_ and Water Sheep #2. She is notorious and hated for being the only Water Sheep that wasn't a sheep, and comedically being named "Chicken Sheep" rather than "Water Chicken." She was unfortunately killed after being hung from a lead and accidentally hit by a magma block.


She was succeeded by Water Sheep #3, who was executed by Pewds with TNT, ending the Water Sheeps for good.

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