Chicken Sheep 2
Biographical info
Status Unknown, Most Likely Dead
Full name Chicken Sheep 2
Aliases Chicken Sheep The Second
Species Chicken
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Residence Grasslands near Pewds' house (formerly)
Water Sheep's cage(formerly)
Political info
Affiliation None
Miscellaneous info
Appearances 16
Role Sacriface For Water Sheep

Mama Chicken or Chicken Sheep #2 was the fifth incarnation of the Water Sheep, following the deaths of jeb_, Water Sheep #2, Chicken Sheep and Water Sheep #3. She is notorious and hated for being the only Water Sheep that wasn't a sheep, and comedically being named "Chicken Sheep" rather than "Water Chicken."


Pewds tried to torture and bring pain to Chicken Sheep #2 by ringing the bell, but it didn't feel the same to her. Felix then tried to torture her with an egg dispenser, but unfortunately most of eggs became chickens. Chicken Sheep #2 escaped in this chaos - it is unknown where is she now. It is possible that Chicken Sheep #2 was one of the sacrifices Felix used to try and bring back Water Sheep. One of the chickens was on jeb_'s grave - it could be Water Chicken #2.


  • Chicken Sheep #2 is the longest living successor of Water Sheep, and the only one who was tortured more tamely.
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