Chris Walker
Biographical info
Gender Male
Born 1977 (36 by 2013)
Relative(s) Unknown
Political info
Affiliation None
Nationality American
Occupation Military Officer
Rank Sergeant (Formerly)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Outlast
Role Antagonist
Actor/Actress Chimwemwe Miller

Chris Walker is the main antagonist of Outlast.


Chris Walker is the first antagonist PewDiePie encounters in Outlast. He makes his first appearance in "SCARIEST GAME EVER? - Outlast Walkthrough Part 1". He is the strongest variant of the game as he tears his enemies' heads and forces doors in 3 seconds. PewDiePie gives him the nickname of "Gabe". Chris tries to find the player around the game to kill him. When Pewds escapes from him, he taunts him very much as he says "You too fat!! Fatty, fatty, fat, fat!". Chris was killed when he tried to kill Miles by the Walrider, Billy Hope and PewDie was antagonized when he saw his death.


-Little pig.

-I just want to help you.

-Little pig, Little pig, no more escape.

-You were here, weren't you, little pig? I'll find all you whores.

-What is that?

-On point.

-Come out.

-You're close, aren't you?

-I'll find you.

-Still close, still close.

-Wha-? Fuck.

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