Biographical info
Full name Clementine
Aliases Clem, Clemmy, Clemmy Clue
Gender Female
Relative(s) Ed (Father)
Diana (Mother)
Political info
Affiliation The Bro Army/PewDiePie
Nationality African-American
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Walking Dead
Role Protagonist
Actor/Actress Melissa Hutchinson
I'm STILL. NOT. BITTEN. I never was. And you left out here to die.
— Clementine to the Cabin Group

Clementine, also known as Clemmy and Clemmy Clue by PewDiePie is a character that appears in The Walking Dead. She first appears in the The Walking Dead: Episode One - Part 2.

In The Walking Dead game, PewDiePie takes control as the main character, Lee Everett. He is a teacher that was arrested on murder charges, but that soon changes when the police car he was cuffed into is run off the street after hitting a walker in the middle of the road.

Clementine joins the story very soon after Lee escapes the overturned car and shoots the officer who reanimated as a walker. A hoard of walkers stir to the sound of the gunshot, and they give chase after Lee, but he manages to get away after they are drawn to some more distant gunshots. Later, PewDiePie (as Lee) enters an abandoned house where he finds a walkie-talkie in the drawer. Unbeknownst to him, Clementine has the other walkie-talkie, and she begins to speak to him through it. Their conversation is cut short by her scream alerting him to the walker grabbing him from behind. Eventually, the walker is killed when Clementine runs to hand Lee a hammer to smash its' skull with. She joins Lee's party afterwards.

One of the objectives of the game that must be met is keeping Clementine alive. However, Clementine can also be influenced by the choices the player (in this case, Pewdiepie) makes and also by what kind of responses she is given to questions in conversation. This is key in building either a very distant or close bond with Clementine throughout the game.

When interacting with Clementine, PewDie always considers his words carefully and prefers not lying to or deceiving Clementine, although he is not above doing it to other characters, as he lies about his relationship with Clementine to Hershel in Episode 2 of The Walking Dead.

PewDie is extremely fond of Clementine, referring to her affectionately as "Clemmy" or "Clemmy Clue." He even explicitly stated that if Clementine were to die, he would stop playing The Walking Dead.

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