Coco is a song released by PewDiePie on February 14, 2021. It is a disstrack directly targeted to Cocomelon, but it also has disses against the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, because PewDiePie genuinely dislikes him. This disstrack was made because Cocomelon, at the time of the release of the track, is close to surpass PewDiePie in terms of number of subscribers, so PewDiePie made this track as a response.


This song was taken down by YouTube on February 18, 2021, for allegedly violating its policies. Although this song was made for fun, according to YouTube, it was taken down for "harassment and bullying". People attempted to reupload the song after its deletion but even the reuploads were taken down by YouTube for the same reason. However, this song can still be listened outside YouTube.

In the succeeding video, "I Love Kids", PewDiePie claimed that the diss track is marked as the "finale" of the PewDiePie vs Cocomelon war.


  • Dave from Boyinaband appeared in this video.
  • PewDiePie was initially singing the lyrics to the song without saying the swear words in front of the kids, then the swear words were later edited with the song. Proof of this is that when he swore between 1:57 and 2:01, the lip syncing is different.
  • The kids technically never swore, despite popular belief. For example, instead of saying "I don't give a shit", they said "I don't give a ship".


Hey kids
Hey PewDiePie
Gather round little ones, it's music time
Here is the story that I'm tellin'
What is it?
About a stupid fuckin' bitch-ass melon

Coco, coco, co
You fuckin' with my mojo-jo-jo-jo (Everybody)
Coco, coco, co
You started, so let's go, go, go, go, go (Let's go)

[Verse 1]
Fuck your dad and momma too
Coco in a chokehold, I go loco if you want me (Woo)
You ain't fuckin' passin' me
Last time that I dissed it took a government to blacklist me
Yeah, I saw your shit
Ew, fuckin' cringe (Ew)
It's not even funny and your head is really big (Why)
Oh, you're approaching me?
What, you think I'm nervous? (Nah)
Your audience is just a bunch of motherfucking virgins (Aha)
Don't tell your momma, don't be a fucking snitch
Don't be like 6ix9inе, that rainbow fuckin' bitch
Spartan shit, yeet a baby straight off a cliff (What?)
If they make it out alive I'll bе the Make a Wish

Coco, coco, co
You fuckin' with my mojo-jo-jo-jo (Hey)
Coco, coco, co
You started, so let's go, go, go, go, go

[Verse 2]
Fuck your daddy, fuck your mommy too
Fuck everything you love, most of all, fuck you (Oh)
Cry, cry, cry, yeah, I don't give a shit (He's crazy)
I'm your mommy now you little baby bitch
I'll say anything, I don't give a fuck (What?)
Santa isn't real, its your daddy dressed up (What?)
Mommy's always lying when she says you're really smart
Your dog is not in Heaven, he is rotting in the yard
Haha, big sad
I'll spoil Harry Potter, wait, J-K, already did that
Haha, you on the baby shit
I'ma teach you 'bout the real world, baby bitch (Bath time)
Scrub behind your ears (Okay)
Then you rinse your eyes (Okay)
And when you leave the tub, watch out for 6ix9ine (Louder)
A is for apple, b is for books
C is for, "Can you shut the fuck up?" (Louder)
Rainbow bitch, hair too bright
He a dumb-dumb who can fight, fight, fight
Don't eat lead paint or you'll cry, cry, cry
Then your brain will end up like 6ix9ine-9ine-9ine (Facts)

Coco, coco, co
You fuckin' with my mojo-jo-jo-jo (Hahaha, okay)
Coco, coco, co
You started, so let's go, go, go, go, go (Okay)

I'll go loco if you want me to
I'll go loco if you want me to
Let's go

[Verse 3]
A billion views a week (What?)
A billion views a week (Huh?)
Babies must be viewin' when their mommy is asleep
While their brain is developing, before they can talk
They learn to subscribe before they can walk (What?)
Little three year olds with withdrawal symptoms
Mommy, please don't take away the algorithm
And they won't quit until they get all the children
Who gives a shit when you're beggin' for a hundred million

I'm just playin' Coco, you know I love you
Not 6ix9ine, though, ankle monitor-wearing c***
I challenge you in a legal fight
Otherwise, you's a rainbow bitch
Why is he dissing 6ix9ine?

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