Biographical info
Status Deceased
Full name DJ COW
Aliases DJ MooMoo Cow


Species Mooshroom
Gender Male
Died August 11, 2019
Residence Broland DJ Station
Political info
Affiliation PewDiePie
Occupation DJ
Miscellaneous info
Role DJ
Bandicam 2019-08-23 15-08-34-127

DJ COW or DJ MooMoo Cow (previously named Bigtiddyanimegirlfriend) is a Mooshroom in PewDiePie's Minecraft gameplay series MINECRAFT EPIC. He is the second Mooshroom brought home to PewDiePie's home after Mushroom Cow Thing, the sixth incarnation of Boat Cow and fifth DJ. He was brought home from a Mushroom Island biome in part 22.


DJ Cow is a Mooshroom that Felix found in a Mushroom Island in part 22 of his MINECRAFT EPIC series while he was exploring the ocean. He decided to bring him to his house along with a Trader Llama and PeePee TwoPoo.

When he was brought to the boat, Felix realized that there would not be enough space for all of them, resulting in Felix killing PeePee TwoPoo to make space for him.


PewDiePie hit DJ cow with the trident during a thunderstorm in hoping it would turn brown, when he was hit, he died instantly due to Pewdiepie putting Sharpness 5 onto his trident(Not possible in survival mode). He believed the fans and did it, and IKEA BIRD #2 was killed as well right after he was resurrected.

From this moment none other DJ or boat cow was brought to jukebox, that probably means, that DJ Cow was last of their legacy, so that means by his death they're ended for good.

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