World War One Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are antagonists from the game 1916: Der Unbekannte Krieg. They have appeared to chase and eat PewDie while he is running around the trenches. They are IMPOSSIBLE to kill and they chase PewDie wherever he goes if they see him, often starting the chase with a creepy roar. The only way to escape them is by throwing a hand or leg for the dinosaurs to eat, giving PewDie enough time to run.

PewDie often curses at them in an attempt to calm himself down and to concentrate on finding "Der Laden" (The ladder, however it"s actually supposed to be 'Die Leiter').

At the end of the game, PewDie is running around the battlefield with dinosaurs before getting killed by a dinosaur that jumps out of the ground.

So far PewDie has not met them again and it is unknown if PewDie is going to play the possible full version of this game.


  • These Dinosaurs seems to be of the species Deinonychus, a member of the raptor genus, or perhaps Allosaurs.
  • Despite obviously being raptors, these dinosaurs lacks the famous sickle like, killing claw that raptors have. The lack of those sickle claws might be intended to make the game easier (since the raptor's sickle claws can severely injure the victim) or because this is just a Beta version.
  • The dinosaurs look vaguely mechanical.
  • Another dinosaur is met by PewDie during an Oculus Rift-related video ("You are forced to watch") in which a dinosaur walks in the room where Pewds is, approaches him and screams, only to have PewDie scream back "Shut up! I ain't gonna make out with you!"
    • Same thing goes with DON'T LET GO!, Where PewDiePie is met by a dinosaur and it comes close in his face and roars at him.
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