The infamous Dog

Uten navn

Pewdie and a dog.

PENUMBRA DOGS BITES MY ASS! - Amnesia Custom Story - Part 3- Disponentia - FINAL (Ending)

PENUMBRA DOGS BITES MY ASS! - Amnesia Custom Story - Part 3- Disponentia - FINAL (Ending)

The return of the dogs.

Oh oh oh. I forgot about the doggie...
PewDiePie upon setting free a dog.

The Dogs (also called Demon Dogs by PewDiePie) are enemies from the game Penumbra: Overture.

Penumbra: Overture

PewDie often encounters them in the abandoned mine the game takes place in. Often, he gets freaked out by them, because of both their scary appearance and the fact that they are rather hard to kill.

The most famous scene with a dog is in Episode 6, where PewDie opens a gate (behind said gate is a dog that PewDie has been taunting in the previous episodes, because of its inability to reach him) by typing in the gate's security code. He succeeds, but when the gate opens, he realizes he forgot about the dog and it comes after him, probably for revenge. PewDie tries to outrun the dog, but the dog catches up to him. He then tries to fight it to no avail. He then attempts to lure the dog away from him with beef jerky (however, said beef jerky will only distract dogs if they haven't seen the player).

Amnesia CS: Disponentia

The dogs make their grand comeback in the 3rd and final episode of the Amnesia Custom Story Disponentia. PewDie, after escaping a mansion, finds a courtyard with a dog house (while blissfully ignoring the "Beware of dogs" sign). While inspecting the dog house, PewDie is suddenly attacked by a dog. He then manages to sneak past the dogs and tries to find sanctuary in a nameless man's home. The man refuses to let PewDie in and the dogs catches up to PewDie and kills him.


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