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Dr. Neil Watts Fanart

Dr. Neil Watts is one of the two main protagonists of To The Moon. He is an employee of the Sigmund Corporation and partner of Dr. Eva Rosalene. He is humorous and often makes jokes throughout the course of the game. But gets serious when he needs to.


Neil is a young, caucasian man with glasses and short, neat brown hair. He, like Eva, always wears a white lab coat.



  • He often makes references to games and pop culture, saying phrases like "Hadouken!," "Hulk Smash!," and "Kamehameha!"
  • It has been confirmed that Dr. Neil takes painkillers. At the end of the game, Neil takes painkillers after experiencing something that most likely seems to be a sudden sharp pain. There is evidence that Watts suffers from some type of pain as, during the squirrel - battle scene during the beginning of the game, a small portion of Dr. Watts' health is gone.
  • It seems that Dr. Neil Watts is quite fond of Dr. Eva Rosalene. During the "Launch" cutscene, he is seen attempting to put his hand of Dr. Rosalene's shoulder, much like in cliché romance movies. But, Dr. Rosalene then takes Dr. Neil's hand off her shoulder, and Neil backs aside.
  • He seems to have had a good relationship with his grandfather. During his youth, he would watch stars until sunrise with his grandfather. But due to his mother worrying about him, Neil and his grandfather had to make up excuses to stay up. He got addicted to caffeine in the process.
  • Neil dislikes pickled olives, but loves pickled cucumbers.
  • There is a theory floating around that the game is actually Neil's memory as he lies on his deathbed and they are going into his memories. The red pulse at the end of the game is Neil dying. There isn't much evidence to support this, but at end of the game (he and Eva watching rocket launching) there are two Neils at the same time.
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