Ethan Mars
Biographical info
Gender Male
Political info
Nationality Caucasian-American
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Heavy Rain
Role Protagonist

Ethan Mars is one of the four protagonists in the game Heavy Rain.

Ethan is an architect with a wife and two sons. Two years prior to the main story, his elder son, Jason, dies in a car accident that leaves Ethan in a six-month coma. Now awake, Ethan remains depressed and stricken with grief. He suffers from agoraphobia and lives alone, estranged from his wife Grace Mars and distant from his other son, Shaun. Ethan soon discovers that Shaun may become the next victim of the Origami Killer, and is forced to go to five trials (danger, suffering, brutal suffering, murder and sacrifice). He is played, voiced by, and modeled after Pascal Langdale.

When PewDiePie plays as Ethan, he usually acts like the Irresponsible Dad, not caring about Ethan's wife- Grace Mars, and his younger son, Shaun Mars.

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