Feige #2
Feige #2 being pulled by PewDiePie or Jack Black to Water Sheep's Gravestone to be sacrificed
Biographical info
Status Deceased
Full name Feige #2
Aliases Feige
Species Chicken
Gender Male
Born June 22, 2019 - July 23, 2019
Died July 23, 2019
Relative(s) Feige (presumably)
Residence Broland (alternate Brorealm)
Political info
Affiliation Feige

Jack Black

Nationality Brolandian
Miscellaneous info
Appearances PewDiePie and JablinskiGames Stream

Feige the Second was another pet chicken of Jack Black that appeared in his and PewDiePie's non-canon[1] stream. He was the replacement of original Feige. This Feige, like the original, had a short life - he was sacrificed with fourth incarnation of Water Sheep.


  1. The stream takes place in a back-up copy of Broland, and thus is considered as non-canon to Felix's main MINECRAFT EPIC series.


  • His name may have inspired Feigi, an antagonist PewDiePie encountered in Episode 33.
  • Even after basically killing him, Jack Black stated that he loved him after he died.
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