Biographical info
Status Deceased
Full name Froggy
Aliases Froggy Fru
Gender Male
Relative(s) Tadpoles (children)
Political info
Affiliation Bro Army
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Witch's House
Froggy is a character in PewDiePie's Let's Play of The Witch's House. He is known for helping PewDie through various puzzles.

He was declared a bro in Part 3 of The Witch's House, but was forced to be fed to a snake in the same episode as that was the only way PewDie could progress further into the game. After entering and leaving the room where Froggy was killed, he appears from behind momentarily. However, it is only an illusion.

Pewdie recognized his death as Froggy 2012 and put it as the episode's thumbnail.

In Part 5 of The Witch's House, there is a jail with a pool of water in it. At the side are a few tadpoles swimming in the water. If spoken to, the tadpoles say, "My dad is dead," indirectly referencing Froggy as their father. If prompted a second time, the tadpoles will remark, "He was eaten by a snake." The third time the tadpoles are talked to, they angrily shout, "YOU KILLED HIM!" and will kill the main character.

PewDiePie was not shown interacting with the tadpoles until after he put the red shoes in the pool of water, which caused the tadpoles to die.

Froggy is mentioned again in episode 4 of PewDie's Bully walk-through, when PewDie has to dissect a frog.

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