Gonzales, when first found by Pewdiepie.
Biographical info
Gender None (imaginary male)
Relative(s) Stephano (Brother)
Political info
Affiliation PewDiePie


Miscellaneous info
Appearances Amnesia: Custom Stories
Role Statue Prop
Gonzales is Stephano 's twin brother. They are completely identical in appearance, although Gonzales is often silver or bronze and not gold.

He was found in the same room as his brother during a livestream (May 23, 2012), while Pewdie was playing Amnesia's custom story "Poisonous." There were two giant golden statues in the same room: the first assumed to be Stephano, and Pewdie named the other one "Gonzales", declaring them brothers.

In the eighth part of Pewdie's playthrough of Tenebris Lake, Gonzales once more appeared alongside his brother (in fact, Pewdie found a shelf full of Stephano/Gonzales look alikes). He accompanied Pewdie throughout the episode, and at one point briefly admitted to working with the Barrels when Pewdie accidentally referred to him as one, only to retract the statement immediately. On numerous instances in the episode Gonzales leads Pewdie into life threatening situations, further hinting to his allegiance to the Barrels.

Whilst crawling through a cramped tunnel near the end of the episode it begins to collapse behind Pewdie, who starts to panic and accidentally drops Gonzales. Unable to find him quickly enough and with the tunnel falling apart behind him, Pewdie was forced to leave Gonzales behind to escape the tunnel, resulting in the tunnel collapsing on top of him. Gonzales appeared to remain trapped under the rocks for some time before eventually either finding a way to escape, or being rescued by either Stephano or the Barrels.

Unlike his brother, Gonzales is violent and perverted. During his travels with Pewdie in Tenebris Lake, he shows signs of hesitation when leading Pewdie into danger. This could either be because of some form of guilt for what he is doing, or simply out of a desire to save his own life- as he too panics when Pewdie is attacked, showing that he is potentially much more cowardly than his brother.

He made his brief return in part four of the custom story Lost the Lights. However, mere seconds after being found, Pewdie set Gonzales next to a door while attempting to open it. Somehow Gonzales became stuck to the floor and Pewdie was unable to free with him, attempting to push him loose with a stuffed rabbit and a bowl. These efforts failed and even they too got stuck along with Gonzales, forcing Pewdie to leave him behind again.

Gonzales is known to have had sexual contact with Mr. Chair's brother, Red.

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