Guillermo Arduino
Biographical info
Full name Guillermo Arduino
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Pew News
Occupation Journalist (news anchor)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Pew News
Role Journalist working at Pew News

Guillermo Arduino is a news anchor on PewDiePie's show Pew News. He appears in the PewDiePie video titled "PewDiePie started the Adpocalypse" published on Mar 8, 2018 where he addresses the recent YouTube situations and talks about his idol PewDiePie whilst defending his actions which is the right thing to do.


His appearance is similar to that of Brooke Baldwin's, but since he is a man his beard is naturally grown. He of course has dyed white fringed hair and has vibrant sunglasses, as well as wearing the "BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?!" merch because he is a PewDiePie fanatic.


  • Arduino suffers from dementia, as he can forget what his name is sometimes.