Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Female
Relative(s) Unnamed parents
Political info
Affiliation Good
Nationality Japanese
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Ib
Role Protagonist

This is an article on the character. For the article on the video game see, Ib (video game).

Ib is the main character of the RPG horror adventure game, Ib, first played by PewDiePie on July 26, 2012.

Ib is taken to the art gallery by her parents. After looking at a certain painting, everybody in the gallery disappears and a dark world of art and horror opens up.

Ib's health is indicated by a red rose. If she gets attacked by one of Guertena's creations, the rose's petals will decrease to indicate her health is getting lower. Garry, an ally of Ib's, also has a blue rose that acts in exactly the same way, only his rose is at a higher health level than Ib's rose.

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