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Biographical info
Residence England
Political info
Affiliation PewDiePie
Nationality British
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia Custom Stories: To Give Is To Force & Gary's Dark Secrets, Happy Wheels, Limbo
Role Rock prop
— Pewds to Jennifer

Jennifer is a stone ranging in size from a large rock to a massive boulder. Due to her immense mass, parts of her constantly block PewDie's route. He usually just yells at her and calls her fat, even though she will tell him she loves him, to which he often responds with an unnecessarily aggressive "I KNOW!". Jennifer was first found and named by PewDie in the first part of Amnesia: Custom Story "To Give Is To Force" .

In the Amnesia Custom Story: "Gary Dark Secrets ", Jennifer saves PewDie from a Bro who was chasing him by falling right on top of him, crushing and killing him in the process. She also assisted PewDie in killing Antonio in Lucius, blocking up his lawnmower with her body, allowing PewDiePie to kill him. Since then, Jennifer has appeared in many other games and mods, most frequently being Happy Wheels. She has also appeared in the Limbo, and her most recent return is in stranded deep, where Jennifer as a small rock tells Pewds that she loves him.

A debate goes around questioning if Jennifer is a part of the Bro Army or the Barrel Army. Most people sympathize with her because of Pewdie constantly calling her "fat." Some others agree with Pewdie and think she purposely tries to hurt him despite the many times she confesses to him. However recently, Pewdie begins to notice Jennifer and complimented her saying, "You're looking wonderful today, Jennifer" bringing more confirmation that she is a bro.