Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Male
Relative(s) Unknown Girl (sister)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Limbo
Role Protagonist
Not to be confused with a rat named Jerry.

Jerry is a character from the game Limbo that PewDiePie plays as. Whilst in his adventure with the character, PewDiePie finds the game increasingly difficult, leading him to sometime become really frustrated when figuring out a puzzle but ends up with stuffing it up slightly causing Jerry to die. This happens on multiple occasions especially on the first boss fight, when he moves the trap to cut off three of the spider's legs, he successfully chops off 1 of the spider's legs, he then goes again but then gets stabbed by one of the spiders other legs.

In-game, PewDiePie sets a death counter (as of Part 2) to keep track of how many deaths happened the current episode and the number of deaths overall. PewDiePie doesn't show all the deaths in Part 1, but in Part 2 it comes as 27 on the overall section, meaning 27 his deaths overall, showing that he died 27 times through Part 1.

The Death Counter

The Death Counter is seen in Part 2, but was created as an idea halfway through Part 1. The death counter consists of 2 sides, the left is the current deaths as of the current episode, and the right being the total amount of deaths. The Death Counter is shown like this as of the beginning of Part 2: Amount of deaths currently as of current episode-> 0/27 <-amount of deaths total.

Every time Jerry dies, both sides of the counter will increase by 1, but at a new episode, the left side will reset to 0 whereas the right side will remain the same as the end of the previous episode.

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