Jim Beast
Biographical info
Status Deceased
Full name Mr. Beast
Aliases Lil Jim

Lil Jimmy MrBeast Jimmy

Species Sheep
Gender Male
Born September 22 2019

Unknown Grasslands

Died September 22 2019

Council of Beetroot, PewDiePie's farm

Relative(s) Jim's mom (mother)
Residence Council of Beetroot
Political info
Affiliation Council of Water Sheep (possibly)

MrBeast Council of Beet

Nationality Brolandian
Occupation None
Miscellaneous info
Appearances 34
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Jim, also known as MrBeast or Lil Jimmy was a sheep that PewDiePie kidnapped as a lamb brought to the Council of Beet, an adult sheep by the time he arrived there, where he was fed, pleasured and sacrificed to the council.


Jim was taken by his mother in episode 34, He was dragged along by a lead by PewDiePie whilst he was trying to give a name to him, he called him Jim, after MrBeast, his favorite YouTuber. When he arrived at the farm, he brought him to the Council of Beet as a torturee to them, as he was a possible follower of Council of Water Sheep (even though this probably wasn't the case). Jim amused Felix with his baby legs and him eating grass, he attempted to run away from PewDiePie's leash as he probably knew his fate, but he failed. He once again attempted to rebel in some sort of way by not entering the Council of Beet, now grown up, he could realize that this could be a problem for PewDiePie. Felix got rid of the door and being virtually intimidated with his life, he entered the Council of Beet. He started panicking, the Council of Beet rose their voice, and he was trapped in a boat by Felix. The Council Of Beet strangely showed mercy for the sheep as he demanded he fed him, as Felix did, he also made a request to pleasure him. PewDiePie was questionable of this but obeyed and created a Redstone contraption to pleasure him, by activating a piston to give him sexual massaging on the backside, the contraption somehow failed and instead gave him a back rubbing, Felix accepted this as it was family-friendly for his video, he corrected it so the end rod would go right up his ass, Jim went as far as literally shaking his head furiously to convince PewDiePie to not obey him no longer, The spirits of the Beet then suddenly pushed him in and used magic to suffocate him and he died. PewDiePie fell into tears and left his mutton on the floor.

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 7.27.51 pm

Jim's death

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