Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins
Biographical info
Full name Jimmy Hopkins
Species Human
Gender Male
Relative(s) Mother
Political info
Occupation Student at Bullworth Academy
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Bully: Scholarship Edition (Episodes 1-23)
Role Protagonist

James "Jimmy" Hopkins is the protagonist of the game Bully: Scholarship Edition.

He is a fifteen year old male, though PewDiePie commented that he looked like a middle aged man in the first episode. He is a lot shorter than most students, but makes up for it with his strength. Hopkins attends the fictional boarding school, Bullworth Academy. Hopkins was first seen on the eleventh of December, 2012, when PewDie uploaded his first episode of his Let's Play series on the game.  During the beginning cutscene it is revealed that his mother had recently gotten married to her fifth husband who Jimmy harbors a feeling of immense hatred towards. He also goes as far as to accuse him of being twice as old as his grandfather. He tends to be rough mannered and speaks disrespectfully to many school staff. 


Jimmy Hopkins fighting a bully member.


Jimmy with Russel

In the beginning, he wears an orange-brown sweatshirt over a white t-shirt with faded blue jeans in sneakers. Over the course of the game, however, Jimmy acquires several outfits, such as the Bullworth Academy School Uniform and Halloween costumes like the Red Ninja Outfit. PewDie himself prefers a "no pants" style of clothing, whereas he would where a full set of clothing, excluding the pants. Toward the end, PewDie decided to attire Jimmy in a Christmas Nutcracker outfit for the end of the series. Jimmy is also prone to skating and "nailing" jumps.
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