John Pilgrim
John pilgrim 2
Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Male
Relative(s) Penny Pilgrim (wife)

Molly Pilgrim (daughter)

Political info
Affiliation Good
Occupation Scientist
Miscellaneous info
Appearances One Chance to Save the World
Role Protagonist

John Pilgrim is the protagonist of the RPG indie game, One Chance to Save the World.

He is the leader of a group of scientists who discover E48K15, which is thought to be a cure for cancer. John and his team celebrate in their victory of finding the cure. This quickly turns to horror when it is discovered E48K15 is actually a virus that will wipe out all of mankind. As the protagonist, John is given various choices such as skipping work to hang out with an attractive co-worker or continue going to work. PewDiePie chooses, in-game, to decline skipping work, staying home with wife, and going to the park with his daughter, so that he can continue in his efforts to figure out a cure for the virus. He eventually does find a cure, but only after an overwhelming population of the planet dies, including his wife, who decides she can't live with the guilt and shame of the virus being her husband's doing and kills herself. PewDiePie constantly says throughout playing this game: "Do you see these moves?" due to John's awkward style of walking.

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