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Ju-On: The Grudge is based on the movie The Grudge. PewDiePie will usually get easily scared by the sound

Thumbnail of the first episode of Ju-On: The Grudge.

the ghost girl makes. After three levels, PewDie spends most of his time collecting items you need in the level as a security guard. When finished, he unlocks the haunted house from the movie and finds a woman in the kitchen where she was seen cutting meat, but he thought she was cutting up her hand. He also sees many brief images when the lightning flashes after he opens a door and in the end he sees that the ghost girl is somewhat crippled because she is crawling down the stairs and she takes him away. It shows two bloody trash bags and PewDie is a little frightened by this. After a while, he calms down. PewDie does some research and finds out later on that the girl's name is Kayako.

Episode and special names



Part 3- DONT WATCH THIS ONE, DONT! ;_;- Part 3 (PC)

Part 4- DONT WATCH THIS ONE, DONT! ;_;- Part 4 (PC)

Part 5- Ju On The Grudge (PC) -Part 5

Part 6- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- FENCING WITH P*NISES- Part 6

Part 7- Ju On The Grudge (PC) -Part 7

Part 8- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- WHERE BACK WITH CHP 3 BROS!- Part 8

Special- Ju On The Grudge Facial Reactions (Mistake Upload)

Part 9- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- ATTACK OF THE DOLPHINS!- Part 9

Part 10- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- YOU'RE NOT A DOLPHIN!- Part 10

Part 11- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- Part 11

Part 12- MOAR GRUDGE!- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- Part 12

Part 13- FIRST SHES A DOLPHIN, NOW SHES A SPIDER- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- Part 13

Part 14- THE HOUSE (SECRET BONUS MAP)- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- Part 14

Part 15- FINAL EPISODE! (SECRET BONUS MAP)- Ju On The Grudge (PC)- Part 15