King PeePee PooPoo
King/Carrier Of PeePee PooPoo's
Biographical info
Status Deceased
Aliases *PeePee PooPoo #5
  • PeePee PooPoo
  • Queen PeePee PooPoo
  • B*tch
Species Pig
Gender Male
Died August 25, 2019
Political info
Nationality Flag of Broland.png Broland
Rank Queen Of PeePee PooPoo's (shortly)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Episode 29, Episode 30 (died in)
Role PewDiePie's Pet Pig That Possibly Betrayed Him
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Queen PeePee PooPoo (AKA PeePeePooPoo #5) was the fifth and probably last pig to carry on the legacy of the legendary PeePee PooPoo #1, He's also one of two secondary antagonists in Season 1.

Ender Dragon Battle

King PeePee PooPoo is first found in the part 29, he's given a saddle of PeePee PooPoo, due to PewDiePack, he was also given a crown, PewDiePie rode King PeePee PooPoo to the End portal through the Nether, but when they finally arrived, and Felix was mentally preparing, King PeePee PooPoo pushed him to the portal unprepared, officially betraying him. Pewds tried to fight the dragon but was unsuccessful.  

After his death during The End Battle in episode 30, Felix returned and as an act of revenge, pushed PeePee PooPoo into the portal before jumping in himself trapping both in the End. After entering the End, Ender Dragon shot a projectile on Pewds and PeePee PooPoo, Pewds escaped, but PeePee PooPoo didn't. Felix thought that he died, but like a miracle Queen PeePee PooPoo survived the blast.    


Felix then attempted to ride him to battle but he didn't realize that King PeePee PooPoo didn't have a saddle on him, so he stepped from the ledge, he got his own montage, that included all PeePee PooPoo's, that probably means an ending for all PeePee PooPoo's and their legacy, the two share one last look, before PeePee PooPoo perishes, and turns into the fog.

His death probably also marks the end of PeePee PooPoos.

Fever Dream

In Felix's fever dream episode, he rencounters PeePee PooPoo, who Pewds shames for hisactions. He then unsuccessfully attempts to push PeePee PooPoo in the portal before riding him. PeePee PooPoo then almost rides into lava, possibly as a final attempt to kill him. After more attempts at pushing him in, he finally succeeds and jumps in afterwards, hitting PeePee PooPoo immediately upon entering the End. Pewds apologizes to the pig, saying he just jumped, before pushing PeePee PooPoo into the void, saying ending him forever.

King PeePee PooPoo without the crown, indicating he isn't worthy being a king after betraying Pewds.


  • Earlier in the episode, the Council of Sheeps pushed PewDiePie into water twice. It has been speculated that this was not an act of rudeness, but instead a warning to Pewdiepie that King PeePee PooPoo may “betray” him later, which is instead likely a result of Frost Walker Ice covering the existing holes in the church and later melting.
  • King PeePee PooPoo May have pushed Pewdiepie into the end portal for burning the PeePee PooPoo monument with his channeling trident while fighting raiders.
  • It has also been speculated that the burning of the PeePee PooPoo monument was caused by the Council of Sheep as another warning of King PeePee PooPoo‘s future treachery.
  • King PeePee PooPoo was strangely seen without his saddle in part 30.
  • A running gag was that PeePee PooPoo would help PewDiePie kill the Ender Dragon, which didn't come true as he died. That being said, PeePee PooPoo at least got to see the End where he would've fought alongside Felix before peacefully dying.
  • There is a possible theory that King PeePee PooPoo's death wasn't Felix's fault, and PeePee PooPoo stepped over the ledge to kill Pewds and save the Ender Dragon, didn't knowing about Felix's immortality.
  • His death marks the end of dynasty of PeePee PooPoo's


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