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Mad Father (マッドファーザー Maddofāzā) is an RPG, indie, survival horror video game made by Sen with the "WOLF RPG Editor". PewDiePie did a Let's Play of Mad Father that consisted of 7 episodes, which started on January 20, 2013 and ended on January 29th, 2013.


According to the makers this is: "A big mix of Ib and The Witch's House." While PewDie noted that: "It is a mix of Ib and The Witch's House." As well but later included To The Moon because of its starting soundtrack.


In Northern Germany, there is a mansion owned by the Drevis family. Alfred Drevis and his wife, Monika, have a little girl named Aya. The three of them live happily together until one day Monika passes away from illness. Young Aya never sees her mother die.

Years have passed since her death, and Aya and her father just live on. Alfred is always locked up in his basement, "working."

Even at a young age, Aya knows what her father is doing behind her back in the basement. She hears the screams, the yelling, and the howling comes from there, and she knows he experiments on humans. And if that wasn't enough, she is also aware of his secret romantic relationship with the house maid.

One night, Aya wakes up to her father's screams, and promptly checks the hallway to find two bloody monsters approaching her. She learns her father's victims have come back from the dead, and in anger, they wish to punish him for his crimes. Aghast, Aya decides to save her father. But as she presses on through her now hazardous home avoiding meeting the fate of the dead, she begins to unravel the true circumstances surrounding her father and his experiments, and she realizes she must question her love for one of her parents.


Like its spiritual predecessors Ib and The Witch's House, it does not feature combat, despite the fact that it is an RPG.

Aya must move around, solving puzzles, sneak across places and escape the clutches of the undead that wish to introduce her to their pain.

Collect the hidden gems to unlock an additional part to the ending, and choose wisely; there are namely three endings. Some endings may contain same experiences but be careful.



  • It is noted that the creator of Ib and Mad Father helped each other while making the game, since it has been credited as a download link in the Mad Father Facebook Page.


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