Mark Slender
Mark Slender
The final photo in Haunt, which Pewds never found.
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Occupation Journalist
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Appearances Haunt
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Mark Slender is the main antagonist in the game Haunt (formerly known as Haunt: The Real Slender Game). He is an alternate version of Slender Man.

Before the game

Mark Slender was a journalist investigating project Haunt with a group of other journalists. The people in charge of Haunt hired hitmen to kill the journalists. They killed all the journalists, except for Mark, who they cornered in a building housing the chemicals Haunt was centered around. They burnt the building, but the chemicals and fire turned Mark into a paranormal entity, who then hunted down all the people in the region.

Encounter with PewDiePie

When PewDiePie first played Haunt, he evaded Mark Slender easily. However, when he sat down to watch Frankenstein, Slender managed to catch him.

Differences from Slender Man

Mark Slender and Slender Man are very similar, however, they are also very different. Mark Slender comes from modern day America, while Slender Man is believed to come from Germany. Mark Slender slides across the ground, while Slender Man teleports. The most obvious difference is the face. While Slender Man has no face, Mark Slender (from v.1.1) has a mouth (PewDiePie has not played v.1.1 yet).

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