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Martin (pronounced "maʁtɪn") is a man with a burlap sack tied over his head. He tries to speak to PewDie, however the sack muffles his speech, rendering him incomprehensible. PewDie often "accidentally" grievously injures Martin and often starts talking Swedish when he sees him.

Martin was recently reported to have joined the Teleporting Naked Guys. Unlike the others, Martin has at least some clothing.

Nowadays Martin is an on/off ally of PewDie. Fans usually see Martin as an intelligent person that gets injured a lot.

Normally, PewDie blames Martin for the teleporting of the Teleporting Naked Guys as one time one teleported on PewDie and Stephano, screaming "FFFUUU" and PewDie yelled "Stop this nonsense, Martin!"