Mary Ham
Biographical info
Full name Mary Katherine Ham
Aliases Ham-Bad
Mary Ham
Ham Borger (with Gloria Borger)
Gender Female
Political info
Affiliation Pew News
Occupation Journalist (news anchor)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Pew News
Meme Review (briefly)
Role Journalist working at Pew News

Mary Katherine Ham, commonly called Mary Ham, is one of the news anchors on PewDiePie's show, Pew News. Her first appearance is on PewDiePie's video titled : "James RESPONDS, Tati RESPONDS, Projared RESPONDS".

Evidence proves that she killed Gloria Borger and Poppy GloriaPoppy Gloria was found dead in a cardboard box full of ham, implying that Mary Ham used 'ham' to kill Poppy Gloria and presumably even kill Gloria Borger. She has also hosted meme review, although unannounced, and ended the show.

Ham would later return as he hosts the comeback Meme Review episode in its return, titled: "Me and the Boys (hosted by Mary Ham)".

Notable Mary Ham References and Events

  • Mary Ham killed Meme Review, only for Ham to resurrect the show later on June 5, 2019 with him hosting it.[1][2]
  • PewDiePie questioned why the nine-year-old army hated Mary Ham.[3]
  • PewDiePie tells people to stop believing in conspiracies. Stating that it was crazy and that there was no way Mary Ham killed Poppy Gloria.[4]
  • Mary Ham seems to be female, but accidentally reveals that she is male on June 2. This means that she is actually trans-male (or more colloquially, a "trap").
  • Mary Ham has possibly killed PewDiePie and replaced him since a couple episodes after her first appearance.


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