Matthew McConaughey is PewDiePie's second cardboard cutout character on his channel. Matthew McConaughey is from the deleted "#ThisBookLovesYou Livestream w/ Matthew McConaughey" streamed on October 20, 2015.

Matthew is a cardboard cutout played by Brad.

Matthew in the #ThisBookLovesYou Livestream is supposed to interview Professor Knotready Schtop to get more information on the book but Brad couldn't do the voice so Matthew lived a short life and only asking one question.

"How much fangirls do you want? What's your goal right now?"

One of the questions was "How did you become friends with Matthew?"

Which Professor Knotready Schtop says

"we bonded over...uh..this book this book Matthew I do not know if this is legal Matthe- Matthew loves this book Matthew wants you to buy this book oscar winning Matthew McConaughey has said *chuckles* im sure *chuckles* if he see *chuckles* have a part of this. Matthew say this book loves you and nobody loves Matthew more than this book."

Matthew also has a mom.

Matthew's mom wants Matthew to detonate a bomb but Professor Knotready Schtop killed her before she could get Matthew to detonate the bomb

Matthew was supposed to speak German but Brad duck read it as Brad speak German.

Then Professor Knotready Schtop reveals himself as PewDiePie and says that Matthew was a cardboard cutout and Matthew's mom isn't dead.

In the end, the gang groups together and end the live stream.

ThisBookLovesYou Livestream w Matthew McConaughey

ThisBookLovesYou Livestream w Matthew McConaughey

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