McPixel is a funny Indie game which PewDiePie started playing on August 15. The game is a parody of the action show MacGyver. McPixel also refers to the name of the main character of the game.

The objective of McPixel is to prevent each level from exploding. This is achieved by clicking on things in the level, including objects and background images, to either find or disarm the bomb/explosive; however, victory can also be achieved through other ways which could be considered both ludicrous and irrelevant. Pewdie once said sarcastically, "It makes so much f***ing sense" due to the game's nonsensical humor and solutions.

McPixel makes several references to politics and culture (The Powerpuff Girls, Creeper, Moby Dick, Obama, etc.).

Pewdie likes to use the game/character's name as his own, calling himself 'McPewdie' everytime he successfully completes a level or an entire round, and will dance to the 'Round Complete' music.

A DLC that was released for the game actually included a "PewDiePie-themed" level, and featured 8-bit versions of Stephano, the Bro, a barrel, and even PewDiePie himself. If the player would click on PewdiePie, he would notice the barrel and start attacking it and then throw it at
Pewdie mcpixel

From left to right: Stephano, a Barrel, McPixel, Pewdie, and a Bro

the Bro. The gold solution for this level involved picking up Stephano and then clicking on the Bro, making Stephano kill the Bro by repeatedly falling on it/him.
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