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One of Hiroshi's friends, she is the first victim of The Ao Oni and the first one to become an Oni.

Before entering the basement, PewDiePie hears a loud, high-pitched scream, which Hiroshi recognizes as Mika. Pewdie goes into the kid's bedroom to check up on her, and finds her getting "raped" by the Ao Oni. The Oni sees Pewdie and gives chase to rape him instead because it didn't like Mika. Following the chase, Pewdie went back to the bedroom so that he could rape Mika, but was turned off by the fact that she was dead. He then attempts to try and revive her 3 different ways: poking her with the screwdriver, using a plate shard, and lighting her p*ssy with the lighter. None of the attempts were successful.

In the basement, after Pewdie collects the jail cell key, he turns around to find Mika standing some distance away from him. She morphs into an Ao-oni and chases him, scaring him with her ugliness.

Mika's Oni form is similar to the Ao Oni, with extra hair.


Mika to Oni

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