Miki Takamura
Biographical info
Full name Miki Takamura
Gender Female
Relative(s) Mother, Aunt Saeki (deceased)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Paranoiac (episodes 1-6)
Role Protagonist
Miki Takamura is a video game character. She is the protagonist of the game Paranoiac

Miki is a novelist. She has a mother who suffers from hysteria, and a deceased aunt named Saeki who suffered from depression and was hated by her community.

She is a young adult with shoulder length silver hair and blue eyes. She also sports a lavender knee-length dress fitted with long sleeves.

At the end of the game it is revealed that Miki herself showed signs of schizophrenia. 


  • It is revealed that Miki became an author because of her aunt's fascination for books although she did not enjoy writing romance novels.
  • Miki physically resembles her aunt more than her mother.
  • Miki seems fairly talented at the piano after discovering her aunt's piano.

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