Mr. Sexybutt
Mr sexybutt.png
Biographical info
Full name SCP-173
Aliases 'Mr. Sexybutt
Miscellaneous info
Appearances SCP: Containment Breach
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Mr. Sexybutt (real name SCP-173) is a monster from SCP: Containment Breach and has teleporting abilities. It likes to creep and scare PewDiePie by teleporting to his side when he's not looking. It also has an ability to hover through walls (in early glitchy versions) and can open doors. PewDie called it Mr. Sexybutt for having a sexy butt.

He first appeared on episode 1 of the SCP: Containment Breach playthrough. After months of not playing, PewDiePie played SCP again, after some updates. He got killed twice by Mr. Sexybutt on July 24th, 2013.

Mr.SexyButt also appeared as bromail in the episode "BIGGEST PACKAGE EVER!"

PewDie and Mr. Sexybutt in 'BIGGEST PACKAGE EVER'

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