Norman Jayden
Norman Jayden
Biographical info
Full name Norman Jayden
Species Human
Gender Male
Political info
Nationality Caucasian-American
Occupation FBI profiler
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Heavy Rain
Role Protagonist
Actor/Actress Leon Ockenden
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Norman Jayden is one of the four main protagonists in Heavy Rain.

Norman Jayden is an FBI profiler sent from Washington to support the police force with their investigation into the Origami Killer. Jayden possesses an apparatus which consists of experimental augmented reality glasses and a single right hand glove called the "Added Reality Interface or ARI" for short. This allows him to rapidly investigate crime scenes and analyze evidence. He is also struggling with an addiction to the drug triptocaine. Norman's superior is police lieutenant Carter Blake, but due to their contradictory opinion of the Origami Killer's identity, Norman develops an obvious disliking of Blake. He is played, voiced by, and modeled after Leon Ockenden.

In the commentary playthrough of Heavy Rain, PewDiePie stated that Jayden was his favourite character in the game and also said that Jayden was gay, so PewDiePie himself is neither a homophobic nor a homosexual.

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