• Ogre as he appears in Mad Father
  • Ogre (Onigawara) as he appears in Misao
Biographical info
Aliases Ogre
Slender Man
Gender Male
Residence Other World
Political info
Occupation Spirit guide
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Mad Father
Role Spirit guide of Aya
Spirit guide of Pewdelia (Aki)

Ogre is a supporting character in the games, Mad Father and Misao, which both games are developed by the same company. Notably, PewDiePie calls him Slender Man in both games, most likely because he has pale skin and wears a suit, both notable characteristics of Slender Man. PewDiePie also calls him/it a "true gentleman," due to the fact that he/it opened a door for Aya and let her go first, which is a very gentlemanly act. In Mad Father he is known as the "weird salesman" and in Misao, the head of the student council.


Ogre (as he appears in Mad Father) wears a black three-piece suit (a shirt, a vest and a jacket) with a black tie, black pants and, initially, a black bowler hat in Mad Father, whereas in Misao, he only wears a white shirt, a black vest with a black tie and black pants. His most prominent features are his pale skin and bald head. His red irises and elf-like ears are visual hints that he is not human.


In his first appearance in the game Misao, his name, Onigawara, is a Japanese expression that means "demon that protects," hinting that he is demon. Additionally, the word oni means both demon and ogre in Japanese, hinting at the origin of his name in Mad Father, Ogre.

In the good ending of Mad Father, he reveals to the dying Alfred that he is a demon that both despises and adores humans like him. He takes Alfred with him to the other world afterwards.

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